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Parlaren à Bouleno

The association Parlaren à Bouleno founded on March 14th 1978, it is a non profit-making association ruled by the french law of july 1st 1901.
Bollène is in Provence, in te north-west of the Vaucluse department.
Parlaren à Bouleno is a member of the departemental federation Parlaren en Vaucluso. At the present time : President : Annie Vadon – Secretary : Edward Jalaguier – Treasurer : Alain Gouvernet.
The association is composed of 60 members.

Parlaren à Bouleno has been running the Provençal Documentation Centre since 1982 ; under the cover of the municipal archives since 2010.
In a concern of sustainability, its holdings were integrated in the municipal archives of the city of Bollène.

Documentation :

The centre is at everyone’s disposal, everyone who want to know more about Provence : its culture, language, history, litterature, music, traditions, characters, economy, geography, flora and fauna, cooking, sport, agriculture, tourisme etc… If you are working on a conference, a university dissertation or thesis, an exhibition or lessons for ou pupils ; or if you are simply inquisitive;
We can provide : books, cassettes, CDs, provençal flags, documentary brochures.

To your service :

- library : 5 130 titles
- periodics : 540 titles, more than 5 000 numbers of newspapers and magazines
- audio library : 890 sound and video documents
- picture library : around 4 000 photos
- affiches : 570 Posters of demonstrations and Provençal shows

Exhibition :

If you are not too far from Bollène we can provide exhibitions on the following subjects Provençal litterature from the year 1000 to the year 2000 – Paul Marquion : playwright and man of the theatre – Côtes du Rhônes wines and vineyards – Sheep and moving the flocks to and from the alpine pastures – the life and works of Frederic Mistral – Fire-clay in Bollène – History of Provence – from european languages to our language.

Conference :

To enliven an afternoon or an evening we ca do a conference on the following subjecs : Christmas traditions – Carmentras traditions – Nicolas Saboly – le Bailli de Suffren – Frederic Mistral - John Henry Fabre - What is la Provence ? – Provence and Europe – the fire-clay industry in Bollène

Contact : - 04 90 30 19 54

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