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Federico Mistral

He was born in 1830 at Maillane in the Bouches du Rhône department. As soon as he finished his studies he swore to reinstate the Provencal language in its rôle as a literary language he devoted his life, his strength and even his money to this promise.

Famous as the author of Mirèio, his other works are less well-known : Calendal, le Poème du Rhône, le Trésor du Felibrige and others too, not to mention his enormous correspondance .

Founder of the Felibrige with Joseph Roumanille and Theodore Aubanel, he was able to gather around himself and the latin view a large number of intellectuals and artists of his time.

Respected, even adulated towards the end of his life, the value of his work was acknowledged by the Nobel prize in 1904.

He passed away at Maillane in 1914 having left his mark on his country forever and having spread his ideas all over the world.

It is fitting not to foolishly revere Mistral but to reflect upon his life and his written works ; Mistral must be read and read again.

In this short publication, you will find presented in synoptic tables, on one side the different dates concerning F. Mistral’s biography, and opposite the different stages in the production of his works. Following this, detailed summaries of his most important works and a certain number of notes and quotations concerning the man and his ideas.

In french – Format 21 x 29,7 – 36 pages – To be ordered from us

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