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Nicolas Saboly

People readily sing  La Cambo me fai man  –  Pastre, pastresso  –  Guihaume Tòni Pèire  or  Touro louro, louro lou gau canto.

People more or less know they are Saboly’s Carols. But who was Saboly ?

He was a 17th century personage, born in Monteux, in the Comtat-Venaissin, in 1614.

He became a priest and was appointed choir-master at St Peter’s church in Avignon where he composed the Christmas carols that made him very famous… even to this day.

But Saboly was not only a carol composer, he took part in the political struggles of his time, the quarrels between  Pessugau  and  Pevoulin  which brought Avignon to the brink of civil war.

In his old age Master Saboly made his will in Marseilles.

He passed away in 1675 leaving us to inherit the carols we still sing and which continue to delight us.

Through this documentary note-book, discover the true biography of Nicolas Saboly,17 th century Christmas carol composer from Avignon. Discover his personnality too. In this note-book there is also the accurate list of the 48 authentic Saboly Christmas carols, not to mention details about the history of 17 th century Avignon.

Bilingual french and provençal – Format : 21 x 29, 7 – 18 pages – To be ordered from us

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