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and the silk-worm in Provence and in the world

Silk has fascinated men for no doubt more than four thousand years. Its origine, legendary from the historical view-point and peculiar from the biological view-point has always provoked a lot of questions.

Its shiny aspect, its soft texture and its strength have made it the most sought after and coveted textile.

By the attraction it has exerted on men silk has partly influenced the history of mankind causing wars and peaceable exchanges, thefts but also regular trade.

Here, in Provence, silk and its craftsman the silk-worm have been present for centuries ; even though silk-worm farming has now practically disappeared it continues to nourish the collective memory as much by the hard worm it required as by the profits it could generate.

Today the silk-worm is still one of our precious allies for the understanding of the mecanisms of life.

Through this work you will discover the legends then the History surrounding the raising ( the education ) of the silk-worm and the spread of Chinese Silk towards the occident. You will also discover the life-cycle of the silk-worm, the characteristics of the silk and its transformation into fabric. You will also learn the useful rôle of the silk –worm in present-day medical research.

Bilingual edition, french and provençal – Format 21 x 29,7 – 60 pages - illustrated - To be ordered from us

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