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An abridged History of Provence

What if you were not told everything at school ?

At school were you told :

* that our history spreads over 25 centuries ?

* that Marseilles was 600 years old went Paris was just born ?

* that Provence used to be, apart from Italy, the most romanised country in all Europe ?

* that Raymond-Bérenger V, count of Provence and Barcelona was one of the greatest princes of his time ?

* that Provence was federated to France only in 1485 ?

* that the kings of Holland are descended from the princes of Orange and for this reason we find the name of Orange all over the world ?

* that if the kings of France waged war for so long in Italy it is because they were the heirs of the counts of Provence ?

* that Nice wasn’t a part of Provence (and of France) from 1388 to 1860

* that the Comtat Venaissin only became French in 1791.

That’s some history, isn’t it ?

Beside official history it is important to take the time necessary to reach the truth, to recognize differences, to stand back in order to understand better. You can do it by learning the history of our Countrey, of Your country ?

You will notice in reading these few pages that the Story was not necessarily written in Paris, that the great historical characters were not all born in the northern regions of France.

You will find in this documentary note-book dates and facts about : the County of Provence, the Principality of Orange, the Comtat-Venaissin, the County of Nice.

In french – Format : 21 x 29,7 – 26 pages – To be ordered from us

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