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Carnival Traditions

Carmentran ? Carnival ? What ever the name, in Provence we celebrate at that time and it is an unbridled celebration, all restraint flung aside.

It is a festival that no doubt goes back to the mists of time, full of symbolic resonance and even mystery.

This seemingly joyous celebration carries in its depths a lot of anxiety and worrying things.

This traditional end of winter festival is too often distorted because we have forgotten the symbolics.

In Provence, it is usually a day for ritual dances which too have hidden meanings.

Carmentran ? Carnival ? In either case it is a celebration which heralds and prepares the way for spring, the return of life, yet another new start.

A documentary note-book which reminds us of the very ancient origins of this feast, which explains why it is held at different dates. It gives details about the different traditionnal ways of celebrating the Carnival in Provence. It attempts to explain a certain number of ritual practices and symbols.

Bilingual french and provençal – Format 21 x 29,7 – 20 pages – To be ordered from us

Also exists in English and Italian.

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