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Christmas Traditions

Here in Provence, Christmas is a festivity, no doubt the greatest festivity. It was here that the shepherds received the good news from the starry sky, among their sheep in the hills.

And since the Holy Child was born in Provence, we have invented a lot of things to make this event more beautiful, santons, the main supper with its thirteen desserts, the pastoral, original Christmas carols.

But beyond the great christian feast we have preserved a considerable part of the ancient pagan feasts for the winter solstice : Saint Barbe’s Day wheat, cacho-fiò, the three kings cake. So, a pagan Christmas ? a Christian Christmas ? It’s for you to decide.

A documentary note-book which sums up just about everything you need to know about the provençal customs peculiar to this feast day : Christian and pagan origins, the main supper, the 13 desserts, the Christ child’s crib, santons, the pastorals, the three kings…

Bilingual french and provençal – Format : 21 x 29,7 – 18 pages – To be ordered from us

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