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Jean-Henri Fabre

Jean-Henri Fabre was born in 1823 at St Leons in teh Rouergue region. In his young days he was poor and something of a rover ; after which he settled in Provence : Avignon, Orange and later Serignan du Comtat where he died in 1915.

Jean-Henri Fabre … the entomologist. He is ggenerally knownb by this tittle, but Fabre was also a junior and secondary school teacher, the holder of several university degrees and a doctorate. He was a remarkable pedagogue an a prolific author of several pedagogical works, philosopher, musician, painter … Moreover he wrotes poems, mostly in provençal language with all of these gifts he reminds us of the great minds of Renaissance that where capable of apprehending and carrying out all things with talent.

He is of course, first of all “the inimitabnle observer” who observed with infinite patience the behaviour of insects to enable us to discover the misteries of a world that few even suspected prior to him.

In french – Format : 21 x 29,7 – 25 pages – To be ordered from us

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