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The birds

When we consult books about birds we realise that the number of species in Europe is not so great, between 4 and 500 depending on differents studies. Some species appear only occasionally, others never come as far as Provence being accustomed to colder climates, or to regions too distant for them to envisage the journey to our sunny parts.

 This leads to several considerations :
- Firstly, thoroughly investigate the «Tresor du Felibrige» the monumental and knowledgeable dictionnary produced by Frederic Mistral mid-19th century.
- Then, notice that certain species throught of as unknown in our region (such as the ibis, the Guillemot of troïl, the boreal waxwing …) have provençal names which indicates their presence here at least sufficiently often for a provençal name to be found for them.
- also realise that the provençal name often enables to know particular details about the species in question.

Our work is no doubt incomplete and sometimes inexact, taking into account that for each species we have made note of the name(s) used in Provence. This is due to the fact that the scientific names (in latin) have changed since the 19th century and that for some species there are several possible names according to local customs.

We hope to have encouraged you to observe birds and take part in their protection. Every time one of them disappears a word also disappears from pour language.

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